The Big Problem With Chanterelles -- and How To Solve It

The Big Problem With Chanterelles -- and How To Solve It

Every year at this time I experience anew a key frustration shared by those who love to hunt ... and eat ... Chanterelle mushrooms.

My brother Don shows off a harvest of Golden Chanterelles he bagged during a Sept. 23 foray in the Gifford Pinchot National Forest north of Mt. St. Helens.For they only appear for a brief window in the Fall, September and October, typically; and while they are wonderful while we have them, they are best eaten fresh and no one really seems to know how to preserve them effectively so they can be enjoyed throughout the remainder of the year.

I believe I have solved this problem ... so hang in there with me.

First we're going to ask this question: Can Chanterelles be preserved for future use? If so, how?

We're going to look at three different ways you can preserve:

1) Prepare them in a base mixture (such as Chanterelles Shazam), and freeze that mixture.

2) Freeze them whole (or cut into large pieces) in solid blocks of ice.

3) Dehydrate them.

Each method has its pros and cons, but if you understand them, and employ methods in accordance with the use you plan for them later on during the winter, spring and summer months, you can be enjoying the plentiful Chanterelles for months to come!

I'm going to explain a lot by video, so let's start with a video that sets us up for all three methods:


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