Would you like to learn how to hunt, cultivate, and prepare exotic wild mushrooms with your kids?

Nathan and Larry Short, son and father (left and right) developed Mushroom Obsession to help dads and their kids learn about the mystical and magnificent world of exotic mushrooms.
"Mushroom Obsession" is the brainchild of Larry Short (right) and his son Nathan, who discovered together the joys of wild mushroom hunting, cultivation, and culinary in the beautiful Evergreen State of Washington.


"Mushroom Obsession" was created to help dads and others who would love to learn more about the mystical and magnificent world of exotic mushrooms ... how to safely hunt them in the woods, cultivate them in your own back yard, and even how to make them taste magnificent in the kitchen!

If you (like me) have been described by those who care about you as "mushroom obsessed," this site is the place for you. Watch for regular blog posts, podcasts and new products added to help you find a creative outlet for your obsession!

And please feel free to contact us at MushroomObsession@LarryShort.com with any questions you might have. Happy hunting!